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Khaliya Top Camping

Khaliya Top (3500MTS ) is an easy 10 km trek from Munsyari, Uttrakhand, Offering specacular views of the Greater Himalayan Ranges around the area. This Is one of those places you need to experience to understand what power nature holds. Experience in simple words would mean, staying on the top . It is a trek that most people chose to start in the morning and return by the evening, which in itself is very rewarding none the less, but to truly feel the place and the giants that surround you, the mighty peaks Panchachuli(6904.MTS), Hardeol(7151.MTS) , Rajrambha(6510.MTS), Nandakot(6861.MTS) and Nandadevi(7816.MTS) are clearly visible from here and this makes it an amazing experience for even a first time trekker, it is pretty basic but does give you a wonderful experience or to go to the top and camp. It is a spectacular experience and the trek isn’t very technical.

It Can Be tremendous experience as a beginner in hiking, And The path To the top equally was mesmerizing. You should definitely give it a try. Also Trek is awesome for mediocre trekkers Because It’s not that long nor  that short so you can enjoy it without getting much exhausted.

Best Time To Visit :-

No matter which season you visit this place, it will definitely surprise you with it’s landscapes.


With trekking in summers, the winters offer a perfect spot for skiing with snow laden alpine slopes.

Rare Bird’s  and wildlife and photography.

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