Chiltha Mata Temple , Unexplored glimpse Of Pindar Valley

Chiltha Mata Temple was founded by the late Shri Pan Singh Karmiyal Ji. According to local residents, when Paan Singh ji was grazing his cow, buffalo, in Chiltha. He heard the voice of a girl who asked him to install two stones and build a temple at that place . Chiltha Mata is considered to be the incarnation of Adibadri Mata Bhagwati. Since then this place is famous as Chiltha Devi Temple. Local people have unwavering reverence for Chiltha Mata. it is believed that if a devotee takes his wish with true heart and goes to see Chiltha Mata, his wish is definitely fulfilled.

How To Reach –

To reach Chiltha Mata Temple you can first come to Kharkia by car, after that you will have to trek around 2 Km in a short climb to Dhakuri. From Dhakuri to Chiltha Mata Temple is about 2 KM, which is 2-3 km. This can be easily fixed in the interval of hours. As you go uphill after Kharkia, you will get a panoramic view of the Himalayas in front of your eyes. You can plan to stay in Dhakuri, there are rest houses of PWD and KMVN located at a reasonable price.

To visit the Chiltha Mata Temple, you should start the journey from Dhakuri before dawn to dawn, so that you can see the amazing views of the sunrise, and see the changing colors from the first rays of the sun falling on the Himalayas. From the Chiltha Mata temple you get a landscaped view of the Himalayas and the surrounding villages (Jhalli Kunwari, Kilpara, Badiyakot, Sorag, Wachham.). From here you will find the famous Himalayan Peak for Climbing like, (Bhanoti 5645m, Mrigthuni 6855m, Tharkot 6099 m, Tent Peak 5663 m, Nanda Khat 6611 m, Maiktoli 6803m, Nanda Kot 6861m, Balzuri 5922 m, Chungchu 6322m etc.) There is a feeling of closeness. The routes of World Famous Glaciers Trek like Pindari, Kafni, and Sunderdhunga . come from here to see and understand you very clearly.

If you want to see the 360 ​​° view of nature. then you have to go to the summit just 300 meters from the temple. from where you will see the natural view around you! Which will be an unforgettable moment for you. And if you want a little more adventure during your journey. then you can explore the surrounding forest landmarks like Dhungapani, Bhainskharik, Takuli Chiltha, Paltikhwal etc. From Dhakuri you can complete Pindari Glacier Trek 4 days, Kafni Glacier Trek 4 days and Sunderdhunga Trek 6 days.

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