Jageshwar Dham- Almora

The famous Jageshwar Dham, by the name of the city of the temples, Located In  Almora District Of Uttarakhand state of India which is known for its cultural and historical significance. This religious place is home 125 ancient temples, so it is also called Jageshwar Dham. This is a wonderful place, where you can see the temples built from the 7th to the 12th century fascinating architecture. Here some temples also belong to the 20th century. These temples have been constructed in the northern and central Indian style.

Jageshwar is a Hindu pilgrimage, where devotees from allover the country are coming to visit throughout the year. It is a famous shrineof north India and a sacred place of Shaiv ​​tradition. Since it is an ancientsite, it is therefore protected under the Indian Archaeological SurveyDepartment. This place is a collection of many beautiful temples, which includeDandeshwar temple, Chandi-ki-temple, Jageshwar temple, Kuber temple, Muktijayatemple, Nanda Devi, Nav-planet temple, Pyramid temple and Surya temple. Duringthe month of Shravan, Jageshwar Monsoon Festival is also organized whichincludes the arrival of tourists and pilgrims from far away to join. There is ahuge gathering of devotees here during Mahashivaratri.

History of Jageshwar :-

The history of Jageshwar’s temples is unclear, this placeis counted among the selected ancient places of India, where study andscholarly attention is not reached. Yet, seeing the architecture and style ofmany temples here, they are said to be from the middle of the 7th to the 12thcentury. According to the Archaeological Survey of India, here some temple isknown after the Gupta period and some temples are said to be of second century.Some people believe that these temples can happen during the Kituri or ChandDynasty, but there is not enough information or evidence available to emphasizethese facts. It is also said about this place that some Shankaracharya hadbuilt some of these temples, but there is no evidence to support this claim.

How To Reach Jageshwar:-

Nearest airport here is Pantnagar and Jolly Grant Airportlocated in Dehradun.

Kathgodam railway station can be used for rail route.

If you want, you can reach here by road, Jageshwar is well connected to the big cities of the state with better roads.

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