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Kafni Glacier Trek

Kafni Glacier Trek ,Located in Bageshwar District Of Kumaon Himalayan Region Uttrakhand India At An Elevation Of  3,860 MTS . Above The Sea Level It’s Situated On The East Side Of Pindari Glacier & South of Nanda kot peak . It’s One Of The Hubs For Trekkers In The Uttrakhand Region And Also One Of The Popular Trekking Destinations in the Indian Himalayan Range That Can Be Accessed During The Summer & Autumn Seasons. The Region Has Its Own Charm With The Solitude It Presents And Very Rich In Wildlife. One More Reason Of The Popularity Of The Glacier Is The Ease Of Tackling The Challenge In Compared To The Other Glaciers. It Could Be Approached Beyond ‘Zero Point’ Without Needing Any Climbing Gears And Equipment Unlike The Other Glacier’s .

The Kafni Glacier Is The  Source Of “Kafni river”, A Tributary Of The Pindar River Which Merge With Alaknanda River/ Ganga River At Karnprayag In Garhwal Region Of Uttrakhand . It’s Offer Around 60 Km Round Trip Trek From Kharkiya To Kharkiya , Generally It’s Take 6-7 Days To Complete This Trek And On Your Way To Destination You Will Passing Through Forests , Remote Villages ,Beautiful Meadows .

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