Untold History And Religious Culture Of Pindar Valley

Culture Of Pindar Valley

Jai Maa Adi Badri Shaktipeeth Badiakot – This is the sanctum sanctorum of Adibadri Maa Nanda. This bench is located in the center of Badiakot village of Pindarghati. It has been established in the past with the wishes of Jagadamba Maa itself. Here devotees have desired and desired fruits Is obtained .

History From Satyuga

In Satyuga, Mother Durga killed Shambhuditya in Sumgarh and Nishumbhu in Badiakot. Since then this place is considered to be great.In ancient times, mother Para Amba started wandering in the form of antelope from a place called Bund of Garhwal. At the same time, two men went out to hunt. Their sight came on the deer. They started chasing her And They ran to Badiakot. After night break, at dawn, I again went on the hunt for the antelope. Went to the small hill in front of them, there was a vision of a divine girl. Kanya told both men that I will come here and pray for you only when both men Pledged to build a temple on the same small hill.

It is said that in the night, the lion prepared the ground for the back there. These two men are called Diti and Aditi. The descendants of Diti are called Danu and Dev. This temple was built collectively. In this Shaktipeeth, all the people of Danpur area have been given the opportunity to serve. The temple is Danu people, the roof of the temple was wooden since the beginning. But it was considered expedient to change it in time. Gaya. Seventeen Badkoti people worship here from the early times. Apart from Sorag, Kilpara, Doula, Tikh, Vachham, Bora, Kuwari and Khati, devotees of Danu and other places of Deoli Sapuli of Pethi go to the temple during Nanda Jat.

 Reflecting Nanda Jat

Nanda Jat takes place every twelve years in which Dev Dagar goes barefoot to the Himalayan region of Nanda Kund. Before this event, the practice of going to Patti which goes to Johar is to bring the mother’s offering from there and invite Nanda Jat. This work is done by the residents of Badiakot with the help of people from other villages. Here the devotees of Bora and Samudra do awareness work in the temple.

Apart from this, there is also the Shakti Peetha of the mother in the Pothinga Vaichhamadhar. There are also Danu people who are priests and twelve Badkoti people are worshiped. This paw also includes the successor of Bir Singh Singh Danes Jaman Danas Kapoor Dano Jhunyali Dano Lali Dano Bhag Daano etc. is .Thus, this Shakti Peeth is a symbol of unity and social harmony.

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